Ask to Borrow a Device

Applies to: Premium Members 

Child's device: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook

Article type: Optional steps

Borrow a Device Without a PIN

A Child can ask for access to a phone or tablet using the Borrow this device feature. After asking, a Parent is notified and needs to approve the request to start access. If the request is ignored, the current device owner's cyber safety monitoring remains active.

From a Child's phone or tablet

In the Connect App on Android or iOS: 

  1. Tap Borrow this device 
  2. Tap on your name 
  3. Tap SEND
  4. At the Borrow request sent confirmation, tap OK 

The Parent users in the Family will be notified. One of the Parents needs to approve the request.

From a Child's laptop or desktop

In Connect on a Windows, Mac or Chromebook:

  1. Click on the Family Zone Connect icon
    Chrome - top-right in the Extensions area
    Mac - top-right in the Menu Bar
    Windows - in the Taskbar (shown here)
  4. Click in the names 
  5. Select your name 
    A Borrow request sent confirmation is displayed

Next Steps 

Parents will receive a To do notification in their Connect App. They may also get an email and an on-screen notification if the settings are turned on. The Parent will use the Connect App to approve or ignore the request.

If your Parent rejects the request, no notification is sent to you. Be patient and talk to them about a plan to let you have access in the future.

Your daily Routine will be used on the device you are borrowing. You will have the same Play, Study, School, and Sleep time as your other devices until the timer runs out on the borrowed device.