Connect Phones, Tablets, and Laptops to Your Box

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Parent app: Android or iOS

Child's devices: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows or Chromebook

Using the Family WiFi

The first time a device connects to the Family Zone Box in your home, you will need to identify who is using the device. This will set the default age group for monitoring. Use the steps here to connect your Child's Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android devices to the Filtered Family WiFi.

Connect the Device

On your iOS or Android phone or tablet:

  1. After you sign in as a Parent, go to Settings
  2. Tap Home network 
  3. Tap WiFi networks 
  4. In Family WiFi network> Password, tap Show
    Use this network Name and Password (case sensitive, no spaces)

How to Connect a Phone or Tablet

Ask your Family or Guest to connect their phone or tablet with the following settings:

To connect iOS 14 and newer iPads and iPhones

To connect Android 11 and newer tablets and phones

  • Tap on the small gear icon
  • Advanced > MAC address type > choose Phone MAC or Tablet MAC

Other laptops and computers can connect without editing the network settings. You do not need to install Family Zone Connect on computers that do not leave your home if these Devices are using the filtered Family WiFi on the Box. The Box handles all the in-home filtering!

Assign the Device

After the new device has connected to the Family WiFi Network, go back to the Connect app on your Parent phone or tablet. Usually many Devices connect the first time you set up the Box in your home. Using the order the Devices connected (first connected are at the top, last connected at the bottom) you can assign the Devices to Family Members.

  1. Go to To do 
  2. Tap Options 
  3. Tap Assign Device 
  4. Tap in Device name and type a name you will recognize
  5. Tap in Device type and tap on the best match  
  6. Tap in Assign to and tap on a Family member who is the Device Owner 
    For shared computers, tap on the youngest Family member who would use the Device
    Be careful, if you select an Adult Family member, monitoring will be off by default
  7. At the top-right, tap Done 

Continue to the next step to verify the connection. Note, your Parent app takes up to 2 minutes to sync with the devices and remove the To do from your list.

Verify the Filtering

On your Child's phone, tablet, laptop or computer:

  1. Open a web browser (Safari or Chrome, recommended)
  2. Go to the diagnostic page at
    (an iPhone is displayed in the example above)
  3. The page will display
    A "Device is filtered" message appears when the Device is monitored for a Child 
  4. If the Install certificate message appears, tap Remind me later
    A "Device not filtered" message appears for Parents and Adults 

When a Family Member wants Play time they can go to and ASK FOR ACCESS. When a Family Member wants to use the Device with the access matching their age, they can go to and BORROW THIS DEVICE.

How to use the three different networks?

The Family Zone Box has three types of networks for specific purposes:

  • Family WiFi network - for a child's computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and personal assistants

  • Guest WiFi network - for unknown or temporary devices, such as your child's classmates or guests visiting your home

  • Unfiltered WiFi network - turns off content monitoring for parents, printers, NAS (Network Attached Storage) hard drives , and smart home devices (like vacuums, doorbells, security systems, and appliances)

Devices shared by both Parents and Children should be connected to the Filtered WiFi and set up with the Child as a Device Owner. This ensures filtering is on by default. If the device owner is a Parent or adult, the device is not monitored by default. Parents can turn off filtering when they use the device by signing on with their PIN.

Devices used exclusively by Parents, printers or smart home devices (like vacuums or security cameras) should connect to the Unfiltered WiFi. Do not share the Unfiltered WiFi connection with your Child!

You do not need to install the Connect App on devices connected to the Box, unless your Child takes these devices outside the home. When the Connect App is installed on computers and mobile devices, it will automatically turn on when your Child's devices disconnect from the Family WiFi Network.