Ask Your Parent for More Time

Applies to: Premium Members

Kids Ask for Time Changes

The Connect App helps Parents manage screen time. As a kid, you can use Connect to ask your parent for a time change. 

Ask for more time from a phone or tablet

Use your Connect App to ask for more time to access the web.

On your phone or tablet:

  1. A website or a web-connected app is restricted
    A block page is displayed or the app stops loading
  2. Open the Connect App and tap REQUEST CHANGE 
  3. Tap the type of time change (Play or Study)
    Tap SEND
  4. At the "Request has been sent" message, tap OK

Your Parent will receive a notification on their phone or tablet.

Ask for a time change from a notification  

You will see time change messages on your phone or tablet. Tap on the message to ask for more time. Get a message when your Parent approves or rejects your request.

On your phone or tablet:

  1. Tap on the Connect notification 
  2. Tap Request change 
  3. Tap on an access time (Play or Study shown here)
    Optional, add a message to your Parent 
  4. Tap Send 
  5. You will see a notification after your time is changed 

Time's Up on iOS vs Android

Family Zone gives you a warning when your time is about to change. There are a few differences between the way iOS and Android devices track the activity on a phone. So, the countdown notification will vary slightly.

  • Kids using an iPhone or iPad get a warning when Play, Study or School time is about to switch to Sleep time
  • Kids using Android tablets or phones get a warning when Play time is about to change to Sleep time

For both iOS and Android devices, the time's up warning only checks a Child's regular activities in the daily Routine. If a kid is using a Quick Time Change to get temporary Play time, they will need to check their Family Zone app to see how much time is left.

Ask for more time from a laptop 

You can ask for a change to Play or Study (or School) time on your personal computer.

On your Windows, Mac, or in the Chrome Extension:

  1. Click the Connect icon
    Windows and Mac - located near the clock
    Chrome browser - located to top-right in extensions (shown here)
  3. Click ASK FOR ACCESS 
  4. Click on an access time (School, Study or Play)
    Optional, type a note to your Parent
    Click SEND 
  5. You will see Access request sent 
    Give your Parent some time to see your request
  6. To check if your Parent granted your access time, click the Connect icon 
    Your current access time will be displayed

Don't use the ASK FOR ACCESS button on the "Access restricted" page. This only asks your Parent to add the web address to a list of allowed websites.

School Managed Computers

Many Schools have to control their computers at all times by law. Your Parent might not be able to change your access time on a School computer.

If your Parent needs help, show them this article: