Approve a Borrow Request

Applies to: Premium Members 

Parent app: iOS or Android 

Article type: Optional steps

Borrow Requests

Kids of Premium Members can ask to borrow shared laptops, computers, phones, and tablets. 

Approve a Borrow Request

Using the steps below, a Parent approves the borrow request to ensure age-appropriate filtering is applied to the Device. If a Parent or an adult borrows the Device, the filtering and monitoring is turned off. 

From a Parent's phone or tablet:

  1. Tap To do 
  2. Tap ALLOW
    If you tap IGNORE, the request will be erased 
  3. Tap an amount of time
    The Device reverts back to the Device Owner's filtering when the time runs out

Your Child's device will sync their cyber safety settings through the internet within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you click IGNORE, no message will be sent to your Child and the device will continue using the regular Device Owner's cyber safety Routine and Calendar settings. Your Child can resend the request to borrow the device if you have ignored a request.

Borrow is Confirmed on Your Child's Device

Your Child will briefly see a confirmation message when they send you the request. After you approve the request, they will see how long they can use the device above their name. Their regular access Routine will be applied to this device.

No messages will be sent to the device if you Ignore the request to borrow the device.

Parents can also set up PINs to allow their Children to borrow the device and automatically get their level of web content filtering.