App Store Subscriptions (Australia and New Zealand)

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand

Parent's devices: iPhones and iPads

Manage an App Store Subscription 

You can change your subscription from inside the Family Zone app.

Find Subscription Details

Can't remember when you purchased your Family Zone Premium subscription? Or wonder when the next billing cycle will happen? 

On a Parent's iPhone or iPad:


  1. Open your iOS Settings
  2. Tap Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases 
  3. Tap Subscriptions
  4. At Family Zone Connect, tap the > arrow
  5. View the renewal amount, next billing date, and deadline for canceling a subscription
    Tap < Subscriptions to close the details 

See Apple's help articles for detailed steps to: 

Cancel a Premium Subscription

Use the App Store to cancel your Premium Membership. When you cancel, you will return to a free Insights Membership.


Before you cancel a subscription, remove all devices from your account. If you do not remove your Child's devices from your account, you will be unalbe to uninstall Connect from their devices. Contact Family Zone Support by web chat or request a call back if you need assistance.


From a Parent's iPhone or iPad:


  1. After you have removed your all devices from your account,
    tap Settings > Manage subscription 
  2. Your subscription in the App Store opens
    Tap Cancel Subscription 
  3. At Confirm Cancellation, tap Confirm 
  4. Uninstall Family Zone Connect from your Child's devices.


Delete Your Data

As an Insights or Premium member, you can request your data be deleted from Family Zone's systems after you cancel your membership. Apple subscribers or parents with an iPhone or iPad can request your data be deleted on the date your canceled subscription expires.

From a Parent's iPhone or iPad:


  1. In Settings, tap Delete my account 
  2. Tap Cancel Subscription

    Only displayed if you purchased your subscription through the App Store.
    If you purchased your subscription on the web or through Google Play, skip to step 5.

  3. At the confirmation, tap Confirm
  4. Tap Subscriptions and go back to the Connect App
  5. In Send deletion request to support, tap Send Request
  6. Connect records the date of your request 

Check your email for a confirmation from our Support team. Your data is queued for deletion on the day your subscription ends.


Didn't Purchase through the App Store?

If you are a Premium Member in Australia or New Zealand and see "Your subscription was not made through the App Store", refer to 

Please contact our support team if you need additional help with your membership. If you wish to remove your free Insights Membership and data, please contact us at 

for an online chat or request a call back to have your account details deleted. We are here to help you.