Alerts and Alarms Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

To ensure that your child remains protected we monitor certain aspects of protected devices including internet activity, installed apps, device permissions, and the status of required components.  When we notice that something isn’t right with a device, we let you know so that you can take action.

How we keep you informed:

  • Red Alerts - important messages about potentially unsafe online behavior 
  • Alarms - red banner messages at the top of the Family Zone App about important steps to manage the device
  • To dos - a list of required steps inside the Family Zone App to set up or fix a User's account on their device
  • Emails and push notifications - messages and reports sent by SMS or email or displayed on the parent's mobile device

What is a Red Alert?

Red Alerts are high-priority notifications we send you when we identify there is a problem with a monitored component. They relate to the activity that is likely to compromise your controls. 

What is an Alert?

Alerts are notifications we send you relating to things that you may wish to know or act on.

What might I get Alerts for?

You might get alerts for:

  • Apps installed
  • Permissions on Apple iOS or Android devices that are not granted or revoked
  • Family Zone App being uninstalled from your child’s device
  • New Devices connecting to your Family Zone Box
  • Devices not seen in 14 days

What is an Alarm?

Alarms are red indicators associated with users or devices on your account. Alarms will show if there is a risk associated with their devices. For example, if your child has deleted our app.

What might I see Alarms for?

You might see alarms for:

  • Hazardous or unsafe Apps installed
  • Permissions on Apple iOS or Android devices that are not granted or revoked
  • One of Family Zone’s protection apps being uninstalled from a child’s device
  • Devices not seen in 14 days

What are Red Flags?

Red Flags are visible under To do on the Family Zone parent app. Red Flags are a record of Alerts and Red Alerts that have been generated for your child’s devices. Use the list to see behavioral trends to discuss with your child. See our Cyber Expert Advice Guide

What Red Flags might I see?

You might see Red Flags for:

  • Devices being tampered with
  • Devices not seen in 14-days
  • Device permissions being violated
  • Hazardous apps found

What is a To do?

A To do is required steps you need to take such as reinstalling the Family Zone App. The To dos clear out of the Parent's To Do menu when done (and remain open until the issue is corrected or you close the issue).

Some of the low-importance To dos can be muted and others can be turned off.

What is a Notification?

Notifications are communications from our cyber safety monitoring. You can opt-in to notifications by email, SMS, or notifications on the Parent's mobile device. You will be notified of Red Alerts, To dos, and reports of your child's online activity.

What do I do when I get an Alert or Red Alert?

Complete the steps right away. The Alert or Red Alert includes a link to the steps to resolve the issue. See our section on how to Handle Red Alerts.

Can I remove Alarms?

Yes, you need to fix what is wrong with the device to clear the alarm. See our section on Notifications, Red Alerts, Alarms and To Dos.

Can I remove To dos?

Yes, you can either fix the issue or ignore the To do.
How to Ignore a To Do in the iOS App?
How to Ignore a To Do in the iOS App?

Why can children bypass your settings?

Apple and Android only allow us limited control over their devices. There are some manufacturer's functions, connectivity, and privacy settings they don’t allow us to lockdown. Family Zone can monitor these functions and let you know about activities you need to discuss with your child.

I regularly get the same Alert. What can I do?

If you are constantly getting the same Alert, you may wish to set a “Consequence”.  

It may also be because the controls are too strict or that they wish to do improper things.  Talk to your child and find out what they are trying to access and adjust controls accordingly.
How to Set Consequences in the iOS App?
How to Set Consequences in the Android App?