Add a Printer or Smart Home Device to Your Box

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Applies to: Premium Members using the iOS or Android app to manage the Family Zone Box

Article type: Advanced options

Printers and Smart Home Devices

We recommend Parents connect printers, NAS (Network Attached Storage), and smart home devices (like vacuums, doorbells, security systems, and appliances) to the Unfiltered WiFi network or to directly your internet provider's router-modem. 

Connect to WiFi

Before you start:

Read your printer or device manufacturer's instructions. 

Many manufacturers will require you to look on the device for a label with a password or hold a button to connect their device to a network. Some manufacturers will require you to use a cable to temporarily connect your device to a computer. Others may instruct you to use their app or web page.

After you get the device ready, use a Parent's iOS or Android phone or tablet:

  1. Sign in to Family Zone as a Parent
  2. In Settings, tap Home network
  3. In the upper section of the screen, tap WiFi networks 
  4. Move down to Unfiltered WiFi network
    Turn it ON if it is OFF
    If you are turning ON the network, tap EDIT and set a Password
  5. At Password, tap Show
  6. Follow the instructions provided by your printer or Smart Home device manufacturer

Be ready to wait between steps on your device. Printers and Smart Home devices have less computing power than your phone or tablet. These home devices will take longer to process each step connecting to the network.

Don't connect devices your Child can use to access web content to the Unfiltered WiFi on the Box.

Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, and personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Nest or Apple HomePod should be connected to your Family WiFi to ensure the content is filtered and you can manage access times.

Connect by Ethernet

Alternatively, you can plug up to 4 devices directly into the Ethernet ports on the back of the Family Zone Box. 

By default, "wired" Devices will connect to the GUEST network. We recommend you change the Device Owner to a Parent Family member for wired printers, network drives, and Smart Home gadgets (like vacuums, doorbells, and security cameras).

Before you start, plug your printer, Network Access Storage (NAS) or other wired device into power and turn it on. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to plug the ethernet cable into the device.

On your Family Zone Box and your iOS or Android phone or tablet:

  1. Plug the ethernet cable from the printer or device into any of the yellow ports on the Family Zone Box.
  2. Sign into Family Zone as a Parent
  3. In Settings, tap Home network
  4. Under GUEST, tap device
  5. Tap Unknown device
  6. In the upper-right, tap Edit
  7. In Device name, enter a short name you will recognize
  8. Tap on Owned by, select a Parent or adult
  9. Tap on Device type, select Other
    In the upper-right, tap DONE
  10. The printer or Smart Home Device will be displayed in the Devices list

How do you use the three different networks?

The Family Zone Box has 3 types of networks for specific purposes:

  • Family WiFi network - for a Child's computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and personal assistants

  • Guest WiFi network - for unknown or temporary devices, such as your Child's classmates or friends visiting your home

  • Unfiltered WiFi network - turns off content monitoring for Parents, printers, NAS (Network Attached Storage) hard drives , and smart home devices (like vacuums, doorbells, security systems, and appliances)

Find the name and password to your networks on your iOS or Android device. Sign into your Family Zone app as a Parent. Go to Settings > Home network > WiFi networks. Look for the WiFI network name (SSID)  and show password access with the type of network you want to connect a Family Device to. 

Parents can also update the Family Box networks from anywhere they have an internet connection and do not need to be home to update the Box settings.