Add a Parent

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members 

Parent's app: Android or iOS

Article type: Optional Steps

Another Parent in Your Home

You can add another Parent or caregiver from your home to your Family Zone account. A Parent added to an Insights or Premium Member's account will be able to add Family members and devices for monitoring. Parents added to a Premium Member's account additionally are able to change a Child's filtering settings, access times and calendar settings. 

On a Parent's phone or tablet: 

  1. In Family, tap Parents 
  2. Tap + Parent 
  3. Type the First name, Last name, and Email address 
    If you do not want to set an optional PIN, go to the top-right and tap Done 

Optional, PIN

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is used to login to your Child's devices to change settings or temporarily turn off filtering. As the Primary Parent, you can set an optional PIN for the new Parent.

  1. Under SETTINGS, tap the toggle Allow device borrowing using PIN
    Blue is on
    Gray is off
  2. Type in 4 numbers
  3. Tap Done 
  4. Tap the   left-arrow

New Parent Sign In

The new Parent installs the Connect App on their phone or tablet

The new Parent opens their email to find their password.

The new Parent can reset their password and their PIN inside their newly installed Connect App.

What is a Parent Versus a Shared Parent?

A Parent is a guardian in the home who is allowed to change the monitoring and edit Family details. A Shared Parent is a guardian or other parent with a separate Family Zone account with different monitoring rules for a Child's activity. 

A Parent or Shared Parent can be used for any guardian such as grandparents or babysitters.

The Parent access is added or removed using the Family menu. The first parent (Primary Parent) adds Shared Parents through the Family section. The Shared Parent name and email is added to a Child's details.