Connect a Gaming or Media Device to Your Box

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Applies to: Premium Members using the iOS or Android app to manage the Family Zone Box

Article type: Optional steps

Filtering Game Consoles and Media Devices

Parents can use the Family Zone Box to set the time of day gaming consoles and media devices can connect to the internet. The content on many of these devices can also be filtered. 

From a Parent's iOS or Android phone or tablet:

Create a Special User

Set up an account only for the gaming or media device. This device can have access settings for the whole family (using the Calendar, Routine, Internet filters & rules).

  1. In Family, tap + Child
  2. In First name and Last Name, type a name to describe the purpose of the device
  3. Tap in Date of birth
    Recommended, tap the year and set the year of your youngest Child
    The default content monitoring will be set to this age group

Detailed steps:

Connect to the Filtered Network

  1. Sign into the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. In Settings, tap Home network
  3. In WiFi Networks, go to the Filtered Network
    Tap Show to see the password
  4. In the gaming console or media device,
    follow the manufacturer's steps to connect to the Filtered Network
    After connecting to the Family Zone Filtered network continue to the next step
  5. In Settings, tap Devices

Common Gaming Consoles and Media Devices

The Box is not compatible with Google Chromecast and Nest Audio Devices. The technology used in these devices tries to bypass the content filtering. The devices are blocked by the Box.


Set the Game Console User

  1. In Settings > Devices > GUEST, tap the device
  2. Tap Unknown Device
  3. Tap in Device name
    Type a name you will recognize
  4. Tap Owned by
    Select the games user you created
  5. If Device type is Other, tap and select Gaming
  6. In the upper-right, tap Done to save

Verify the Device

  1. In the upper-left, tap the back arrow a couple of times
  2. Guest devices should display No devices
    Tap the back arrow again
  3. Devices should now display a gaming console or media device under the user you set up

When a game console or media device tries to connect to content that cannot be analysed by the filter, the Family Zone Box stops the content from displaying. Customize the types of content to allow or block:

You can customize the days of the week and the regular access times for this device separately from your Child's settings.

Please note, your Child will be able to play games that do not need internet access. Games installed on the console or that run off a disc may still be played. When the Box switches the device into Sleep time, the video, game or music will stop loading or report no internet connection.

The Family Zone Box will block updates from game servers when the user for the game console is in a young age group or the game console is in Sleep time. A Parent needs to borrow the game console to allow updates. Borrowing the console has benefits. It gives Parents a reason to review the installed games and games running on a disc! 

How to use the three different networks?

The Family Zone Box has three types of networks for specific purposes:

  • Family WiFi network - for a child's computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and personal assistants

  • Guest WiFi network - for unknown or temporary devices, such as your child's classmates or guests visiting your home

  • Unfiltered WiFi network - turns off content monitoring for parents, printers, NAS (Network Attached Storage) hard drives , and smart home devices (like vacuums, doorbells, security systems, and appliances)