Accounts and Users


Troubleshooting Password and PIN
Why don't I recognize the changes on my account? Insights and Premium Members use these steps to check parent contact details, and change the PIN and password from a web browser.
Troubleshooting Fingerprint or Face ID Logins
There is no option for a fingerprint or Face ID to login to the Family Zone app on my phone or tablet. Parents use these steps to troubleshoot why biometrics aren't on their Android or iOS device.
Troubleshooting Child is Not the Device Owner
What steps do you take for unwanted account changes? Parents who think their kids may be editing their access settings use these steps to reset the PIN and passwords for the accounts.
Troubleshooting Shared Parenting
What steps can you take if the other parent isn't able to get the shared parenting to work? Premium Member use these steps to troubleshoot parent accounts and child's devices between two homes.
Troubleshooting Family, Devices or Snapshots are Blank
Find the steps to fix the Family, Devices, or Snapshot screen when it is blank in a Parent's Connect App on a Parent's iPhone or iPad.