Accounts and Billing

Questions about your Family Zone account or subscription?


Family Zone Subscriptions Guide
What can the Insights Members and the Premium Members do with the Family Zone products? Learn the differences between the Insights monitoring and the Premium subscription management of online content.
Buy a Subscription through Google Play
How do you buy a monthly or yearly subscription on an Android phone or tablet? Parents can upgrade to a Premium Membership from Google Play from the Family Zone app on their Android device.
Buy a Subscription Through the App Store
How do you purchase a monthly or annual subscription to Family Zone through the App Store? Parents using an iPhone or iPad can upgrade to a Premium Membership through Apple on their iOS device.
Cancel a Google Play Subscription
Cancel an App Store Subscription
How do you cancel a subscription purchased in the Apple App Store? Premium Members can downgrade to an Insights Membership if they bought their monthly or annual subscription from an Apple device.
Cancel a Subscription in a Web Browser (Australia and New Zealand)
How do I cancel my Premium Membership or my free Insights Membership? Australian and New Zealand customers who do no use the App Store or Google Play can cancel from a web browser.
Troublehsooting hardware problems with the Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)
What are your options if the hardware you receive is defective or has a fault? Find support. Get links to the Customer Terms and Hardware Warranty documents.
Money Back Guarantee, Refunds, and Returns
Where do you find the details of the Family Zone Money Back Guarantee? You can find links to general terms of service and the support contacts for questions about returns and refunds.