Access Requests Guide

Applies to: Premium Members

Article type: Fundamental steps

What is an Access request?

A message from a child to a parent to change the access settings. A child can send an Access Request from:

  • Block Pages (a warning page preventing the child from accessing a protected web address)
  • The Family Zone page, accessible from a browser on the filtered device
  • The parent logging into their Family Zone App

Parents get a list of Access Requests through the Family Zone To do feature. As a To do, a parent can ignore or action it. Parents have options to:

  • Changed the childs' access type
  • Add the site to a custom site list
  • Ignore the request

Will my child know why they're being blocked from a webpage?

Generally yes. And, they will be redirected to our Block Page. 

The Block Page explains what web page was being accessed and why it was blocked. 

For secure sites and mobile Apps, we cannot always redirect users. If blocked, these pages will time out.

Do I have to action Access Requests?

No.  You can ignore them.
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How will I be notified when an Access Request is submitted?

Via email or push notification if you have the Family Zone app installed on a parent’s device.

My child is being blocked for something they need. What can I do?

Ask your child to submit an Access Request from the Block Page.
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You can then respond to the request by either:

Can I make changes from my child’s device?

Yes. From the Block Page click Parent settings. From here you can perform the same policy changes as you can in an Access Request.

Can I stop my child from sending Access Requests?

No, at this stage you cannot stop your child from sending Access Requests.

I received the notification but I can’t see a To do in my account. Why?

You cannot see Access Request notifications in the To do screen if either of the following has occurred:

  1. Another user with parent access has closed the To do
  2. The request was made the day before (Access Requests automatically clear at midnight of each day)

If you are at all concerned, you should check the Child's device.

How is Home.Tools different from the Web Portal?

Home.Tools ( is a diagnostic web page accessed from a web browser on the Child's device. It identifies if the device is protected by Family Zone. 

The Web Portal ( is used by Parents to remotely manage the Family Members and Devices accessing the internet. Some advanced setup, like connecting a Shared Parenting account, needs to be done from the Web Portal.

If a Device or Family member is not protected, the Parent can use their Family Zone app on Android or iOS to fix the settings.