Family Zone Products Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

Family Zone centralizes cyber safety management in one location for parents. Family Zone connects parents to their children's many devices through a group of hardware and software products. Our products work with your child's school to hand over the management of the device to the school during school hours, too.


Phones and Tablets

Family Zone Apps for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. How to get started:

  • Android Tablets and Phones with a Child or Parent user
  • Apple iOS iPhones and iPads with a Child or Parent user


Family Zone Applications for Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook computers.

  • Windows Laptops and Computers
  • Mac OS Laptops and Computers
  • Chromebook Laptops
    - using the Chrome Browser Extension
  • Chrome Browser Extension
    - on any type of laptop, helps your Child's School to share the Student Journey with you

Devices in the Home

In Australia and New Zealand, the Family Zone Box is a connection point for gaming devices, smart TVs, and desktop computers in the home

  • Family Zone Box


Parents can choose a subscription:

  • Insights Membership 
    Free monitoring and reports of the content children are accessing
  • Premium Membership 
    A paid subscription to internet filtering updated by Cyber Experts and managed by parents

Parents monitor online activity across all of their children and devices from:

  • A Parent's phone or tablet
    Parents download the Family Zone app and access parent features anywhere, anytime

Schools can opt in to share the school calendar and device management with Parents:

  • School Community
    Partner Schools using the Family Zone and LineWize education systems can share a calendar of school days and school hours through to Insights and Premium Members in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • School Safe WiFi
    Schools in Australia and New Zealand not using the Family Zone and LineWize systems can opt into a secure, encrypted Safe WiFi list. Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) managed by Family Zone recognize the school's network and device management.


Easy Setup

Unlike cyber safety products offered by hardware manufacturers and operating system developers, Family Zone works across different types of devices. 

The parents only need to access the child's device the first time Family Zone is set up. Default internet recommendations are based on your child's age group.

Easy Updates

After setup, Parents can view and update the Family Zone monitoring remotely. The Family Zone products synchronize settings in less than 2 minutes.

Parents don't have to worry about new online threats. The Family Zone's cyber experts' online safety recommendations are automatically synchronized with all devices protected by Family Zone.

Practical Default Settings

Family Zone requires very little setup. Parents get a recommended default daily schedule based on their child's age group. The default routine each day includes device monitoring for School, Study, Play, and Sleep times. 

Family Zone Partner Schools can automatically update the child's school day calendar and routine to match their semester or term dates.