Family Zone Connect for Laptops Guide

Applies to: Premium Members 

Child's devices: Windows, macOS, and Chromebook computers and laptops

What is Family Zone Connect for Laptops?

Connect for Laptops protects your children on computers at home or laptops that leave your house. Connect monitors online activity and filters out inappropriate web content.

Download Connect for Laptops

Family Zone Compatibility
Family Zone Minimum Requirements
Install on a Child's Windows Laptop
Install on a Child's Chromebook
Install on a Child's Mac

Can I protect my child's phone?

Yes. The advantage of Family Zone is, as a Parent, you can protect all of your Child's mobile and portable devices.

Why use the Family Zone Box if I installed Family Zone for Laptops?

In Australia and New Zealand, the Family Zone Box  filters the web content on devices where you cannot install software. The Box is ideal for  gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and steaming media devices like Smart TVs. Kids automatically get the same filtering settings for devices in the home and devices already running the Connect app.

I don’t have administrator access to my child’s school laptop, what can I do?

Ask your school's IT manager to contact us and we will coordinate with them. Refer your school's IT manager to details at