Family Zone for Laptops Guide

Applies to: Premium Members with Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook computers

What is Family Zone for Laptops?

Family Zone for laptops is the solution to protect your children on any computer that leaves your house. Family Zone for Laptops protects your child from inappropriate online content on their laptop.

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What about my child’s phone, can you protect that?

Yes. Go to Google Play on the Android device or the App Store from the Apple iOS device to download the Family Zone App.

Why use the Family Zone Box if I installed Family Zone for Laptops?

The Family Zone Box  filters online content in a home WiFi network for all devices, including gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Smart TVs. No software needs to be installed on the devices inside the home. 

Your children's laptops hand over while connected to the Family Zone Box. The filtering settings for all of the devices is synced for the child as they use different devices.

I don’t have administrator access to my child’s school laptop, what can I do?

Ask your school's IT manager to contact us and we will coordinate with them. Refer your school's IT manager to details at

Is there a difference between Mobile Zone and Family Zone for Laptops?

No. The Mobile Zone and Family Zone installers for Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook are the same software.

Mobile Zone software can connect to the education tools Partner Schools use to manage the laptops and classes. Family Zone for Laptops is the name for the software when it is installed by Parents on Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebooks. 

The Family Zone products are built to handover the filtering and monitoring between parents and school as the children move between home and school.

When Premium Members install Family Zone for Laptops, they can manage the online filtering from the Family Zone app on the Parent's phone or tablet, or from the Web portal.